Sunday, March 22, 2015

All Fired Up

 I need to retake photos of this lipstick in the sunlight since it is not this pink.
It is All Fired Up by Mac, and it is much more red than pink.
But the pics are what they are.

 Last summer I wore many neutral lipstick colors, also by Mac, which is my newest favorite lipstick.
This one is a matte and I am enjoying wearing it.
The thing about purchasing a matte lipstick is that it gives you the option of a flatter look, or simply by applying a great gloss it shines.  I have found that mattes do not bleed into the creases around an old woman's lips as much, nor does it have as great a tendency to get onto my teeth.

 Looks fuscia, doesn't it?  But it's not.
I'll do a re-do on this one day and see if I can't get it to look more red as it truly is.

*Mac has not compensated me in any way to blog about their product*

1 comment :

  1. Looking purdy in PINK but I will take your RED word for it!