Monday, January 12, 2015

Dressing Toastily

Our cold and WET winter weather continues from last night into today, definitely sweater times for this gal.
This is the Loft's Ribbed Grandpa Cardigan.  I came across it yesterday while making a quick stop at our local mall,  The Loft makes such great quality clothing, and I don't mind spending the money when I know something is going to last.  My last cardigan, a winter white with a hood, finally gave up the ghost this year after a decade or better of wear.  I think it may have been a JC Penney brand.  

Now, after purcahasing this gray sweater I decided to look at some of the comment on The Loft's website, and for the most part those who purchased it said it was itchy and that it shed.  I have not found that to be the case, but had I been considering it as an online order I most likely would not have made the buy based on the 'itchy' comments.  I am wearing a long sleeved blouse under my sweater today and have not noticed any discomfort to my skin.  You will have to make your own decision on this one.

The length of this sweater is good if you are a tall gal... if you are short and don't like the longish look then move on ladies.  Sleeves are of ample length as well and I have cuffed them.  My plan is to wear it with a light blue chambray button down shirt.  
Cardigans are a staple in any girl's wardrobe and my closet was simply not complete without one.

 To add a finished look to the sweater and the chambray shirt (which I already owned) I will be adding the Lattice Tassled scarf, also from The Loft. I am generally not a tassle gal, but the lattice design just does it for me.

Wishing YOU a toasty sweater kind of day!

*The Loft has not compensated me to mention their products*

*images on this post are from the Loft's website*


  1. Love your style . . . kind of the look I go for too. Love long sweaters, scarves . . .
    Very nice . . . I would love to see you in your purchases . . . Will you wear a hat too?
    I definetly think a hat is your "signature."
    Not my look but you look smashing in your hats . . .

  2. I love a long sweater. Thanks for the suggestion!