Friday, June 22, 2018

The Passage Of Time And Some Patience Too

 I know ladies that have gorgeous hydrangea in there yards that bloom EVERY summer come heck or high water.
 I've always loved their soft coloring and how they just fill a bush with huge blooming displays of nature at her best.

 And so it was that in the summer of 2014 I purchased two small bushes that had blooms on them and figured,
"hey.... this should be a breeze to grow in our yard".
 Not so fast, Diane..... perhaps you should have read about them first as to where to plant in the yard so they get the perfect amount of light and shade.  But nope.... I dove in head first.

 Each summer I waited for them to give me what I had hoped for... bushes splashed full of pastel colors, and OH SO EYECATCHING at t he corner of our front yard.  
But nope.
 We had a couple of harshly cold winters, and not so snow, but simply COLD COLD temperatures, so every summer the bushes would simply not bloom.
 Each summer came and went, and I would kick myself for having not done my homework on hydrangeas.
 2015 came and went
then 2016 came and went
and then 2017, more disappointment
as they bushes stayed green at the corner of the yard with no fanciful blooms.
*cue the tiny violins*
 But this year was different.
We had nine inches of rain in the month of May
also above average temperatures,
so this combination of factors seems to have kicked the bushes into high bloom gear.
 I can't tell you how happy we are that these large green leafed bushes with their delicate colored blossoms have made me.

 They have given me hope that perhaps if I plant a few more hydrangea
that they too will bring a bit of happiness into our summer months.

Moral of this story
Sometimes it just takes the passing of time,
just the right weather,
a whole lot of patience.
P.S.  I have since read that hydrangea may take as long as 5-7 years before they give you blooms, so I guess my hydrangea bush is right within that range, although the second bush is still not giving blooms.... perhaps next year??
P.S.S.  We are in growing zone 7.


  1. Well certainly gorgeous after the long wait . . .
    A bank of Hydrangeas would be wonderful near your beautiful home.
    Wishing you buds and blooms for the next days!
    Happy Summer!

  2. Also be careful with trimming. They bloom on the old growth.
    Your photos are beautiful!

  3. Your hydrangeas are beautiful and your photos are too! I had hydrangeas in Oklahoma that should have been in the perfect place. There were many years that they did absolutely nothing. Now here in Texas where it's theoretically awfully hot for them, mine are doing great. Maybe it's the luck of the draw but I think it does have a lot to do with when those freezes come in. Late freezes are not your friend for the buds. Don't give up is right! I never do...if something isn't working we move it to another spot.