Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Better Organized Letterss

 I've mentioned my letter board a few times in posts here on my blog, and changing the message is fun and keeps this area of the kitchen interesting for those who enter our home.
If nothing else, it serves to keep my busy in coming up with new phrases, whether they be funny, serious, or possibly invoking other emotions.
I also recently found this brand at Wal-Mart, which offered the additional option of putting up an entire word without having to spell it out letter by letter.  Smile. Dream. Home. Etc. 
I haven't used this set yet, but will be doing so in the future.

The one bothersome thing for me in changing a phrase on the board was finding the letters to use, since I didn't have anything other than a ziploc bag to keep the letters in, and when you have nearly 300 letters to dig through to find what you are looking for.... well.... it's annoying.
 I had searched on line at different craft stores for letter storage boxes and even went to one craft store to look at a few to check out the quality.
It was obvious that the hinges on the lid would most likely snap and give way after a month or two of usage.
 I talked to my husband about it and he said he had purchased these
nail and screw, nuts and bolts storage containers at Lowes.
I purchased two.... each one has 15 separate compartments which works out well for me in keeping the letters neat and tidy and easy to find when I am ready to change the letter board message.

 They are labeled as Compartment Storage boxes and the brand name is STACK-ON.
They come in numerous sizes all with different numbers of compartments.
Mine each have 15 compartments so that each letter of the alphabet has it's own place, and the numbers are all in one compartment and punctuation marks have their own.

I plan to put the 'spelled out words' in my new set in a compartment by themselves.

I can't say these boxes are pretty, but they are VERY functional and serve my purpose nicely.... they stack great so into the closet they will go.

I highly recommend!

LOWES has them!  Possibly other large box hardware stores do too.


  1. That hubby of yours is a keeper!
    Perfect idea for the letter organization . . .
    and perfect for this message for him!

    * Thanks
    For Keeping Me

  2. I want to get one of these letter boards! They are so cute and yes to coffee messages. :)