Saturday, December 17, 2016

Little Christmas Trucks

 Christmas is nearly here.
You can tell around our house, since my husband is now adding a bit of color (m&m's) to his homemade cookies.  He doesn't do that any other time of the year. 

 And I am obsessed with little red Christmas trucks around the house.  The first one was a $3 one that I came across at Target.  It was the last one they had at our local Target store so I snatched it from the shelf and ran like crazy.
 Then last week I stopped at a local nursery that sells Christmas trees and Christmas decor, garden flags, fresh veggies..... and they had one floor mat left with a red Christmas truck.  HAD to have it!!  It is actually an insert for a welcome mat for a front porch, but I don't have the kind of door mat that requires an insert, so this
 little lovely is on the floor in front of my kitchen sink and I LOVE IT!

 THEN, last week as I was reading a few blogs, I noticed this one on a link they had supplied.  It too is from Target.  So fun with the red Target circle on the tires,

 Lights strung from the side,
 A wreath on the front,

 and a tree in the back!
I could add another tree or some presents in the back of the truck, use it on a dining room table display, or fill it full of Christmas cards.  Such a cute truck with great decorating options.
Target also had a camper trailer to display with the truck, but both are most likely sold out by now.
Wish I had purchased the camper before it sold out.

I swear if I find another red truck it will most likely end up in my house too.
I am love struck by their cuteness quality.

Here are a few links to others I have found, but red trucks sell out fast!
Kirkland's salt and pepper set.
 Ebay Red Truck
 Etsy Red Truck
Wal Mart Red Truck
Sam's Club Red Truck
Kirkland's Burlap Truck
You Could Spray Paint This One Red!

Be sure to read descriptions thoroughly before ordering so you know how big or small it is.
This stuff sells out SUPER FAST!


  1. Love your growing collection of Red Trucks . . .
    The kitchen red truck mat . . . is definitely a cheery addition.
    I have seen some pillows with red trucks in the design . . .
    Really fun . . .
    I would enjoy a few of those cookies . . .
    Merry Christmas . . .

  2. You have quite the fleet of red trucks! Love the kitchen mat. Who could resist a red truck with a tree in the back? Cookies look yummy...

  3. Love your lil red trucks...Cookies look yummy..Merry Christmas to you both..

  4. Those trucks are adorable! Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season.

  5. I received two Christmas cards with little red trucks on them. I didn't know little red trucks was a thing! Very cool. I like your choices.