Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January Thoughts

January.  It's cold.  It keeps me indoors with lots of time on my hands to think, ponder, dream, and wish I were somewhere warmer.  No plans to travel, so I'll just sit here and ponder instead.
I've been pondering these things.

This sofa on Houzz.
So tired of all the bland house photos with whites, grays and no personality.
Guess I'm old...
Give me color!!
*photo source Houzz*

J's cute outfit, but unfortunately the blazer is sold out in my size.
Love this LOOK with it's clean lines and ease of wear.

This fun t-shirt.  
AND a fun sweatshirt too!
*image source*
Eating another bowl of thai cabbage soup leftover from last night.
YES it was homemade and I'll post the recipe soon!

Downloading this CD even though I won't listen to it until next Christmas.
It just sounds so pretty!
The impending snowstorm!
Yes... it's on the way!!

Enjoy your chilly January Day!


  1. Yes, please post the recipe! Hubs is out cleaning off the driveway of the 3+" we got last night and left instructions to "pick out a chicken recipe off my chicken board on Pinterest". Cracks me up that he enjoys it so much...truth be told, I think it's cabin fever... Looking forward to planning gardens...

  2. Excited for you for the upcoming snowstorm . . .