Friday, January 15, 2016

A Huge Compliment

 So yes.... we have two boxers.
Isabelle/Izzy is our female.
Now, Izzy had some eating problems when she was very young and was not putting on weight, but instead it would go... ahem... in one end and out the other in a very unpleasant manner.
So, the answer to getting her little delicate system turned around was to have her on probiotics for a while, and also to put some yogurt atop her kibble, which by the way she still expects on her evening meal.
 All of this soft food, i.e." yogurt, has made her a VERY messy eater for some reason.  Rowdy shines his bowl without food getting everywhere, but Izzy tends to push the food up and out the back of the bowl.  This was destroying the cleanliness of our wall, so some time ago my husband installed the plexi glass panel behind and around the eating area.  It's helped immensely and wipes down easily with just a wet paper towel.
 She can't help the mess.
It's just who she is, and we have done what we can to protect the house and floor from the mess.
I also have a rug under her eating table so that I can simply shake it off and wash it to keep the area clean.
In all other respects she is a very clean dog.... just not so much in the eating department.
Look at that mug.  LOL
If I get next to her when she is eating, she will stop, look up at me, and give me a kiss and then go on with her meal.
I take that as a HUGE compliment since to me it means that she is content in being our pup
and LOVES that I put up with her icky ways.

*having pets means giving them what they need*


  1. Yep! Having pups that we love means there will be an accident every now and then, drips on the floor, and in our case...lots of hair to clean up. It's all worth it. :)

  2. Izzy is enthusiastic about her food. She appreciates it I bet.
    Mele is one of my children. I adore her. Soaked her fur a few times with tears. She is there for me. I look down and she is there. She warms my feet at night. I know how you feel. I remember Izzy and Rowdy growing up..Cutest pups ever! You two are good parents. :)

  3. Izzy certainly enjoys her food. I love the sweet look on her face. Clever to put up a "barrier" to protect the wall. Riley will take a few bits of kibble, drop them to the floor and then eat them. BTW, how was the new dentist?

  4. I guess we adjust to their foibles as they do ours...It's worth it...

  5. They each and all have their own foibles and ways . . .
    Makes it part of the joy

  6. We do what our pets need, too. I imagine non pet owners (staff) think we are crazy. But I would skip the kisses mid meal.

  7. She just enjoys her food!! Sweet girl!!

  8. She just enjoys her food!! Sweet girl!!