Thursday, August 13, 2015

Properly Named

Since we are having stone work done on our property, I thought it appropriate to add a few new bushes near the new columns and wall going in along the driveway.
I was actually headed into town to get dog food, but the store was closed over the lunch hour, so I ventured another five minutes down the road to the garden center... Southern States.
They always have eye candy.
I bought a couple of butterfly bushes.
Our previous home had one and they have been on my ind for two years, so into the SUV they jumped and we then headed back for dog food and then home.
Sorry you couldn't come with me, it was a nice day for a drive.
 No sooner had my husband taken them out of the SUV and set them along the front walkway, their home until he plants them, and butterflies began showing up.
 I kid you not... five minutes after the bushes arrival the butterflies came and alit on them.
 Such properly named bushes.
 So, if you have had a shortage of butterfly sightings around your home, perhaps you just aren't planting  the proper bushes.... bushes with a butterfly invitation attached.
 Wild things in Nature know what they want, love and need.
I wish I had purchased these sooner for the sake of the butterflies.
I bet they love me for my trip to town.