Saturday, August 15, 2015

Columns Going Up

 Yesterday work continued by the stone mason and his son.
They built up the stone columns at the entrance to our driveway and also began the wall along one side.  The remaining side won't have a wall at this time since we are waiting for a load of dirt to be brought onto our property as fill dirt which will decrease the incline of the backyard from the garden up to the house.
 Projects do take time...
it's hard to wait for it all to be done, but in the end we want to be happy with all of it.

 The conduit sticking out of the top of these columns is for the electrical which my husband will run through them and they will power a light at the top of each column.
an address plaque will be attached to this column which will have our house number and street name on it.
It was ordered a couple of months ago in anticipation of these structures being done sometime this summer.
The stone mason will be back on Monday to continue the work....
I am so excited about this project that I didn't want them to quit for the week-end,
but I guess we all need a little rest sometimes.


  1. The stonework is looking great!

    I think I need to add some butterfly bushes in my yard :)


  2. Love the stone . . .
    And the style . . .
    Gonna be magnificent!

  3. What a great look..Love the stone..They do nice work..

  4. I love that you decided to add light fixtures to the top of the columns! I think that it's such a grand way to spruce up an already grand entrance. Are you going to put in a gate as well? Either way, I'm sure that your update will look absolutely marvelous. And I completely understand the eagerness for it to be done; I can never wait for renovations and projects to be done either. It's so miserable (but worth it, of course) to wait.